Fitness Update: Track Meet

Today’s update on fitness is about the KCCC track meet. That’s most of what I did last week fitness-wise.

I was scheduled for one night, the mile run on Tuesday. By the time the event attrition got done, I had run the 400 on Monday and the 100 on Wednesday as well.

The track meet last week, like the swim meet next week, is a lot of sitting around for a short burst of competition.

My placing for the events was generally middle of the pack, but earned points for the team within our division.

Monday was the 400. I placed 27th out of 47 runners with a time of 1:23.48 — which was second in division with 8 division points

Tuesday was the mile. I placed 28th out of 44 runners with a time of 7:19.30 — which was fifth in division with 4 division points.

Wednesday was the 100. I placed 40th out of 55 runners with a time of 0:16.882 — which was fifth in division with 4 division points.

The interesting thing was the question of speed. Since I have been running all longer distances, it was hard to know a pace for the 400, and a danger, after running the 400, to run too fast the next night for the mile. No way, of course, to run to fast for the 100.

For the 400 I ran a pace of about 9.9 mph, by my rough calculations. For the mile my speed was 8.18 mph. The 100 I had a speed of 12.46 mph. Those are significantly different speeds. Choosing the wrong speed for the wrong event can have a dire influence on your outcome. But considering that my faster speeds recently had been 7.4 mph for a 5k, that was much faster than I had been running other events.


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