Fitness Update: leisurely pace

So this past week was a very leisurely week, and yet full and not necessarily resting. Going from LibertyCon to King’s Dominion, to a family reunion in Buffalo, to Canada’s Wonderland to Michigan’s Adventure, involves a lot of sitting in a car, and a lot of walking around the parks.

But it doesn’t get in much running, biking, or swimming.

I did get some swimming in at King’s Dominion, but it wasn’t much as laps, and more splashing around fairly lazy wave pools. And there was a lot of waiting in lines for slides and tubes for the lazy river. But it was up and about active.

I did get a very leisurely run in this morning. I brought a running suit, but not running shoes (space preferences), so I didn’t push the running very much; leisurely pace . And I spent a bit of time sitting, leaning, standing, while enjoying the nature, the very red sunrise (Red sky at morning, sailor’s take warning; red sky at night, sailors’ delight, as the old saying goes), and running in light rain (mentioned before that I tend to enjoy running in the rain.

So, there is a short update on the fitness. One more week of this lazing around (update next Monday), and then I should be back to more regular workouts. See if I can swim and run and bike and get those distance goals on track.

The ultimate objective is good fitness. Numbers are something to help you get there, but don’t get distracted by the metrics…

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