#220: I’ll Stand By Until the Morning

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)

This particular hymn I don’t remember singing. And when I typed it up, I didn’t find the theology bad, per say, but the metaphor just seemed a little off-kilter to me, somehow.  Not the best lyric to my way of thinking.


Fierce and wild the storm is raging Round a helpless bark,

On to doom ‘tis swiftly driving, O’er the waters dark!


Joy! Behold the Saviour! Joy! The message hear:

                Joy, O Joy! Behold the Savior! Joy, O joy! The message hear;

“I’ll stand by until the morning – I’ve come to save you, do nto fear;

Yes, I’ll stand by until the morning – I’ve come to save you, do not fear”.

                (do not fear.”)


Weary, helpless, hopeless seamen, Fainting on the deck,

With what joy they hail their Savior, As He hails their wreck!



On a wild and stormy ocean, Sinking ‘neath the wave,

Souls that perish heed the message – Christ has come to save!



Daring death thy soul to rescue, He in love has come;

Leave the wreck and, in Him trusting, Thou shalt reach thy home!


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