Concert of Sacred Metaphors: A Compilation

Three years ago, for a period of about a year, I ran a very sporadic series of blog posts about my one and only solo concert: A Concert of Sacred Metaphors.  Today, I am going to put the links for all those posts into one post, so you can follow them easily to get a feel for the entire concert:

  1. The Prelude: Meditation by Michael Card
  2. Baptism by Michael Card
  3. God’s Own Fool by Michael Card
  4. The Prophet by Michael Card
  5. Valley of Dry Bones by Michael Card
  6. Job Suite by Michael Card
  7. Come Thou Fount
  8. Victory Through Grace by Fanny Crosby
  9. To the Work by Fanny Crosby
  10. Call to Reapers
  11. Rock of Ages
  12. Joy in the Journey by Michael Card


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