Fitness Update:

Heading into fall and getting a bit of a different focus.

Keeping up with the bicycle miles seems to be the key goal from the beginning of the year. I put in 59 miles this week.

Running, I’m at least keeping in the game again: one 5k run.

On the strength training I stayed on track with week 4 of the PEP program at the Work Wellness Center.  I’m still having issues with my left shoulder, it is getting better, but I am not pushing the amount of weight as much as I otherwise might. It has toned my chest up again, which I enjoy. Of course, once the shoulder is good I should get back to swimming, which is a good chest toner and core toner.

I also completed my daily 10,000 step goal 6 of 7 days. I used to be hip about doing it every day, but I think I learned there are times when skipping is actually more productive. Weekly averages with proper rest is really the more important.



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