Fitness Update: too much at once

Last week hasn’t been the most intense week for my fitness efforts. I mean, I slept in two of my days that I usually get up and do something — just because my greatest deficit was sleep, and eventually you just have to take it if you want to stay fit.

I did do a 10-mile run on Monday, and some interval runs. I also did a 26 mile loop on the bicycle from home to work to the chiropractor to home on Thursday. But overall the week was a slow one for exercise overall.

This week I need to prepare myself for a Triathlon on Sunday, followed by next week’s swim meet. The swim meet really won’t ask much of me from a fitness standpoint. It will just be all the time it takes to coordinate all the other swimmers that will zap my time, which includes my sleep time.

But even so, all my fitness categories are still on track to meet the annual goals at the monthly checkpoint levels.


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