fitness update: app issues

Well I am continuing to enjoy my Misfit Shine, but the app still does things that irritate me from time to time.

I finally learned that I can change tagging activities without having to double sync, but I have to toggle screens and see the “saved changes” message or else it hasn’t worked.

My lap counter works very well on the swimming, consistently — which is one of the reasons I wanted the Shine in the first place. But Sunday I was trying to change tagging activities and suddenly the options disappeared and it tried to get me to reset all my options, logged me off, and then would let me sign in but wouldn’t go past the starting screen. I had to close all my apps on the Fire, shut it down, restart, and reopen before I could get around that.

This week’s fitness stats include hitting 750 miles on the bicyle ( that meets the quota through March). I only ran one 5K for a total of 16. On the swimming, I swam twice for a total of 20,050 yards. I am starting to add some sprints into my swimming workout instead of straight distance.

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